3 Dollar Bill: Covid-Conscious Queens

In early May, Tania ventured out to 3 Dollar Bill, an energetic gay bar in Brooklyn that was one of the first places in the city to bring back live drag performances. Owner Brenda Breathnach was working tirelessly to maintain the bar’s atmosphere and serve patrons while still adhering to the strict restrictions that were in place at the time, while the performers struggled to rethink their acts for a masked and seated audience. 

Featured venue & performers this episode: 

  • 3 Dollar Bill – https://www.3dollarbillbk.com/ – @3dollarbillbk  
  • Rify Royalty – @rify_royalty 
  • Charlene Incarnate – @charleneincarnate 
  • Trish-Weekly Tuesday Night Show – @trish.bk

Resources/more Info:

Produced by Tania Mohammad. Executive produced by David Hoffman. Post-production, original music, and sound design by Garrett Tiedemann. Production managed by Gabriela Montequin.

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