Becoming Othello at Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center is the great city on the hill of performing arts in the United States, home to arguably the most distinguished opera company, ballet company, and symphony orchestra in the country, as well as our most famous music school, the world’s largest performing arts library, and much, much more… But for all of the highbrow excellence of these institutions, none of them had much to offer a city taking its first tentative steps out of quarantine, which craved ways to come together, inclusively and outdoors. 

So Lincoln Center threw open its massive and under-utilized outdoor campus to some amazing performers that normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to perform there. Among them was Debra Ann Byrd, a theater veteran who’s one-woman show “Becoming Othello: A Black Girl’s Journey” tells a tale of perseverance, perfect for this city right now. 

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Host and Producer: Tania Mohammad 

Producer, Post-production, Original Music, Sound Design: Garrett Tiedemann

Executive Producer, Theme Music: David Hoffman 

Production Manager: Gabriela Montequin