God Wants Us All To Be Strippers: Last Chance Dancers & The City Reliquary

The craziness of the last few years has made for some unexpected partnerships around the city. None of these were stranger and more successful than the shotgun wedding of a tiny neighborhood history museum and a risk-taking collective of burlesque artistes known to some as a “Voltron of gay strippers”. This unlikely collaboration not only saved them both financially, but pushed them both into bold new creative directions they never would have otherwise discovered. 

Featured in this Episode 

Special Thanks: Nightlife Documentarian Andres (Insta @legomojo), Alter Ego Photography, NYC (@alter.ego.foto) & Harley J Spiller (Collector Extraordinaire)

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Host and Producer: Tania Mohammad 

Producer, Post-production, Original Music, Sound Design: Garrett Tiedemann

Executive Producer, Theme Music: David Hoffman 

Production Manager: Gabriela Montequin

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