Street Beat and the Happiness Krewe

Prior to 2020, Jeff Fairbanks, Alex Jeun, and the rest of the Street Beat Brass Band worked steadily – playing their New York spin on New Orleans second line to venues and events all over the city.

After a long, quarantined dry spell, the group was brought back to life by joining the Hells Kitchen Happiness Krewe – the madcap brainchild of Hally-Anne Devlin, a theatrical producer who would spare no expense to bring a little joy back to her beloved Manhattan. 

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Host: Tania Mohammad
Producers: Tania Mohammad and Garret Tiedmann.
Post-production, Original Music, and Sound Design: Garrett Tiedemann
Production Manager: Gabriela Montequin
Executive Producer, Theme Music: David Hoffman 

Special thanks to Street Beat Brass Band for use of their music in this episode.